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Supplemental View by John G. Kemeny

The Commission considered three different possible recommendations for a temporary halt on construction permits. Eight different Commissioners voted for at least one of these proposals. Unfortunately, we could not agree on the appropriate criteria for such a halt. Our reasons for failure to reach agreement are complex and may be found by examining the transcripts of our meetings of October 16, 20, and 21.

The following proposed recommendation was discussed extensively by the Commission:

No new construction permits should be issued until the reports and recommendations of this Commission, the NRC self-evaluation, and the Congressional investigations are complete and until the President and Congress have had an adequate opportunity to consider such recommendations, including the recommendation to restructure the NRC.

I was one of six Commissioners who voted in favor of this recommendation; four voted against it and two abstained. I very much regret that this important recommendation failed to obtain the seven-vote majority necessary to adopt it.

I was also one of four Commissioners who voted for a stronger version of the above recommendation.


John G. Kemeny

October 25, 1979