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Welcome to PDDOC.com!

I've been publishing material on the internet for nearly 10 years. In that time, I've "collected" a lot of links.  Through my North Farnham Freeholder blog, I am sharing many of the more valuable links, those that have decent content or are otherwise interesting.  In most instances, these links have pretty good staying power.  I am also moving most of the links as well as new ones that I find on a part of the site I'm calling the Freehold.

The  website reflets is where I am presenting images from the public domain.  Many of the images from the website will be presented to the blogging world on my North Farnham Freeholder blog.

The poetry pages have been renovated with a newer look and now have an accompanying blog, where at least one poem a day will be posted. (11/12/2005)

We've moved Karen's Quilts from its previous server to pddoc.com. (11/10/2005) 

Internet Resources for Camping is now Haw Creek Outdoors. There are quite a few links to good resources, including an extensive listing of RV manufacturers' web sites.

Copy Right, Copy Sense has articles on copyright, pages with explanations and definitions of copyright, and some fundamental copyright references.

American Civil War Anecdotes, Incidents and Articles: This page provides links to "republished" 19th and early 20th century civil war material related to the impact of the war on the public and individuals in the service. The material is being published in several different ways. 

  • An article that originally appeared in a magazine or journals will be published on a single web page, but will have an accompanying pdf formatted document for download and printing.

  • Each day, several small pieces for the corresponding day in 1861 are being published to a blog, Chronicles of the American Civil War

For those not familiar with them, blogs short for web log   are a form of internet publication where the most recent addition appears on top.  Most commonly used as a sort of on-line diary or personal journal that can be either private or public, the format is very useful for publishing any material where you want the freshest and newest to be at the top of the page.  Older material is available in archives

The domain name was chosen to signify that we have a lot of content on our sites obtained from the public domain. The name "pddoc" is derived from the phrase public domain documents. However, there is also a lot of content on the site that is not public domain.

I have several hundred Civil War related pages in the Skedaddle site. It includes an ad-free e-Journal, published on an irregular basis.

The "selection of poetry" has over 100 of very popular public domain poems.

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