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Feist Publications vs. Rural Telephone

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Welcome to "Copy Right, Copy Sense."  

I've provided several articles about copyright to explain various aspects of copyright. They include "My Copyright Infringement" and "My Copyright was Infringed!" A link to the articles page is at the top of every page in this copyright site.

The copyright topics provide explanations of a number of important copyright related topics.  In some instances, links are provided within articles to applicable topic pages.

On the left side of every page are useful copyright related references.  They include the rulings in several key copyright related court cases.  A linked index is provided to the United States House of Representatives pages for the United States Code related to copyright.

The purpose of this site is to provide information in one location that others can use to help them learn about copyright.

It is my hope that others will find this site useful.  Please feel free to link to any page of the site and , if you find it useful, please recommend it to others.

Authors Labor - no protection

Authors Rights - exclusive rights

Civil or Criminal - what kind of punishment for infringement?

Compilations - what's required for a compilation to be copyrightable

Constitutionally - the basis for United States copyright law

Copyright Facts - 20 specific copyright related facts

Copyright Notice - Is it Really Copyrighted?

Duration - how long copyright lasts from original date (or "when does it expire")

Electronic Mail - Is e-mail copyrighted?

Fair Use - use of copyrighted material without infringement

Fair Use and the DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act... does "fair use" apply?

Foreign Works - copyright for works from other places

From Creation - when copyright starts

Genealogy - copyright issues

Inadvertent Infringement - ignorance of the copyright laws may not be a defense

Infringement - what it is and what is required to make a claim of infringement

Infringement Remedies - what infringement can get ya

Licenses and Notices - how they may relate to copyright

Not Everything Protected - copyright limited to specific aspects of a work

Originality - a requirement for copyright

Ownership - who owns the copyright?

Permissions - a way around infringement

Plagiarism - relationship to copyright

Pre-planning - example of use of copyrighted materials

Public Domain - what is it really?

Purpose of Copyright - promotion of progress

Really Copyrighted? - some copyrightable material not copyrighted

U.S. Government Works - U.S. Government works are automatically in the public domain

What's Protected - what can be copyrighted

Who Owns the Law? - you might be surprised

Work Place Training -  copyright issues in a training environment


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Copyright Articles:

What is Copyright?

My Copyright Infringement

How to Deal With Online Media Pirates

Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogy

My Copyright was Infringed!

What is NOT protected by copyright?

Copyright Claims That Just Ain't So


Copyright Concepts:

Authors Labor

Authors Rights

Civil or Criminal?



Copyright Facts

Copyright Notice


Electronic Mail

Fair Use

Fair Use and the DMCA

Foreign Works

From Creation


Inadvertent Infringement


Infringement Remedies

Licenses and Notices

Not Everything Protected






Public Domain

Purpose of Copyright

Really Copyrighted?

U.S. Government Works

What's Protected -

Who Owns the Law? -

Work Place Training


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