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1.  The Commission recommends the establishment of agency-accredited training institutions for operators and immediate supervisors of operators. These institutions should have highly qualified instructors, who will maintain high standards, stress understanding of the fundamentals of nuclear power plants and the possible health effects of nuclear power, and who will train operators to respond to emergencies. (See recommendation A.4.a.)

a.  These institutions could be national, regional, or specific to individual nuclear steam systems.-

b.  Reactor operators should be required to graduate from an accredited training institution. Exemption should be made only in cases where there is clear, documentary evidence that the candidate already has the equivalent training.

c.  The training institutions should be subject to periodic review and reaccreditation by the restructured NRC.

d.  Candidates for the training institute must meet entrance requirements geared to the curriculum.

2.  Individual utilities should be responsible for training operators who are graduates of accredited institutions in the specifics of operating a particular plant. These operators should be examined and licensed by the restructured NRC, both at their initial licensing and at the relicensing stage. In order to be licensed, operators must pass every portion of the examination. Supervisors of operators, at a minimum, should have the same training as operators.

3.  Training should not end when operators are given their licenses.

a.  Comprehensive ongoing training must be given on a regular basis to maintain operators' level of knowledge.

b.  Such training must be continuously integrated with operating experience.

c.  Emphasis must be placed on diagnosing and controlling complex transients and on the fundamental understanding of reactor safety.

d.  Each utility should have ready access to a control room simulator. Operators and supervisors should be required to train regularly on the simulator. The holding of operator licenses should be contingent on performance on the simulator.

4.  Research and development should be carried out on improving simulation and simulation systems: a) to establish and sustain a higher level of realism in the training of operators, including dealing with transients; and b) to improve the diagnostics and general knowledge of nuclear power plant systems.