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My copyright background.

First of all, a disclaimer. I am not a lawyer and nothing on this site is to be construed as legal advice.  If you have an issue that may involve an actual or alleged copyright infringement, I advise consulting an attorney.

My copyright interest is a "spin-off" from genealogy research.  After taking my family history research on-line, I saw a wide disparity in what various genealogy web sites and mailing lists had to say about copyright. Needless to say it was very confusing.

To resolve my confusion, I decided to do a little bit of studying on copyright.  After trying to trace my ancestry, researching the copyright rules was easy!

In the same time period, I was starting to get involved in placing my genealogy research—and other things—on-line, so I decided to do the same thing with what I found out about copyright, with the focus being for copyright as it applies to genealogy.

A couple of years later, after some discussions about copyright at work, I was asked to put together some training on the subject. I opted to create a web-site where the students would work their way through the site to learn about copyright.  The web-site worked out fine; however, there was a bit of grief over the questionnaire that the Instructional Technologist, who was copyright illiterate, decided to use as a evaluation tool to ensure that everyone actually did the training.

In this current web site on copyright, I have taken incorporated the pertinent material from all of the previous sites and pages.  As well, I've incorporated redirects on the sites that I still have access to so that links sending visitors to my copyright pages will send them to the appropriate page on this site.

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