The Photographic History of the Civil War
                  Volume 7 -
Prisons and Hospitals




Title Page for the Series

Castle Pinkney, Confederate Boy-Soldiers Guarding Union Captives, 1861

Semi-Centennial Memorial page

Volume 7 Title Page

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Ambulances of the Union Army Taking Part in the Grand Review 1865

Antietam Wounded in September, 1862


Preface (text article)

Hospitals in the Washington Area

Aid for the Men at the Front—Christian Commission

Part 1 - Prisons

Chapter 1 - Prisoners of War

Union Sentry at Libby in 1865 — Confederate Prisoners

Fort Delaware, May, 1864―Brave and Distinguished Southerners

Confederate Prisoners from the West at Camp Douglas near Chicago

Prisoners of War (text article)

Men of New York’s "Fighting Sixty-Ninth" in Charleston's Castle Pinckney

In Casemate No. 2, Union Prisoners, Castle Pinckney

Colonel Corcoran, Who was Chosen by Lot for Death

Mrs. Greenhow, the "Confederate Spy", With her Daughter

Confederates Captured at Cedar Mountain, In Culpeper Court House

Awaiting Transportation to a Northern Prison, 1863

Awaiting Transportation to a Northern Prison (2004 material)

Confederate Prisoners Waiting for the Railroad; Chattanooga, 1864

Confederate Prisoners Waiting for the Railroad (2004 material)

View of Belle Plain Camp of Confederate Prisoners, May, 1864

Close-ups of Belle Plain Camp (2004 material)

A Closer View of the Confederate Prisoners at Belle Plain

A Closer View of the Confederate Prisoners at Belle Plain (2004 material)

Where 5000 Confederate Prisoners Lay Encamped

Four Conspicuous Union Inmates of Libby Prison

Officers Held as Hostages for the Privateers Taken Aboard the Savannah

Nineteenth Iowa Infantry after POW Camp in Texas

Dilapidated Union Prisoners after Eighteen Months at Tyler, Texas

This on-line edition generally follows the original book in sequence. The exception is the placement of each chapter's primary text.  In the original book, the primary text of a chapter would be on about every other page, with photographs and their accompanying text on the other pages.  In this on-line edition, the primary text for each chapter is provided as an individual page at the beginning of the chapter.

Additional material has been included in this on-line edition.  In some instances, digital versions of the original photographs have been located on-line, generally at the Library of Congress web site.  Where these images are better than those scanned from the book, they are used.  Additional advantage of such images is that archive quality versions can often be downloaded and then cropped to allow closer examination. A few of such cropped images are included, some with discussion.

This on-line edition is a work-in-progress.  It is not "under construction." That may seem like it's being picky on terminology.  However, each image page and article indexed is a finished page and, generally, because of the construction of the original work, the content of each page can stand alone on its own merit.  The edition was not released for public viewing until over 100 pages of content were completed.

Addition pages will be added to the site as they are completed.

Chapter 2 - Northern and Southern Prisons

Brigadier-General William Hoffman; Federal Commissary-General of Prisoners

Federal Commissary-General of Prisoners (2004 material)

Federal Commissary-General of Prisoners, more image croppings (2004 material)

The Prisons of the War (text article)

Libby Prison, A Unique Photograph

A Rare Photo of Libby Prison Under the Confederacy

Young South Carolinians at Drill

Belle Isle with The Capitol of the Confederacy in the Distance

The Keepers of Point Lookout Prison

Three Commandants of Federal Prisons

The Old Capitol Prison

The Old Capitol Prison  (2004 material)

Fort Johnson in Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie

Camp Morton, the Indianapolis Prison

Camp Douglas, Where Ten Per Cent of the Prisoners Died One Month

Andersonville Exactly as it Looked from the Stockade, August 17, 1864

Elmira Prison Before the Additional Barracks Were Built

Evening Roll-Call for the Elmira Prisoners — 1864

The Only Photograph Showing the Whole of Elmira Prison Camp

Before The Office of the Commissary-General of Prisoners ‑ 1864

The Office of the Commissary-General of Prisoners (2004 material)

Forest Hall Military Prison, At Georgetown

A Confederate Prison in Petersburg, April, 1865

Within the Bombarded Town, Castle Thunder

Libby Prison at the Close of the War

Libby Prison after the War — Ruins in the Foreground

Libby Prison after the Tables Were Turned

Chapter 3 - Exchange of prisoners

At Cox's Landing Waiting for the Flag-of-Truce Boat

At Cox's Landing Waiting for the Flag-of-Truce Boat (2004 material)

Exchange of Prisoners (text article)

Exchanged Confederate Prisoners Bound For Cox's Landing

Colonel Robert Ould, Confederate Agent for the Exchange of Prisoners

The Active Federal Exchange Agent, Brigadier-General John Elmer Mulford

Four Union Officers Prominent in the Arrangements for Exchange

The White Flag Boat that Carried Prisoners to Freedom

Where the Value of a Man was Calculated

The Double-Turreted Monitor Onondaga Off the Exchange Landing

Colored Convalescent Troops at Aiken's Landing, James River

A Glad Sight for the Prisoners

Men Who Faced Death If Captured

Where the Prisoners Longed to be Exchanged & the Andersonville Cemetery

Three Views of Libby Prison After the Fall of Richmond

Chapter 4 - The Life of the Captured

Confederates in a Northern Keep — Fort Warren

Life in the Prisons (text article)

Confederates Facing Their Second Fight, 1865

A Meeting That Was As Agreeable As Possible

Hunting Roots for Firewood — Andersonville Prisoners in 1864

Issuing Rations in Andersonville Prison - August, 1864

Southerners Under Guard by the Prison-Bolts and Walls of Fort Warren

Comfortable Confederates in Fort Warren

Chapter 5 - Soldiers Who Escaped

The Federal Colonel  Who Tunneled Out of Libby

Escapes from Prison (text article)

Before He Swam To Liberty ─ Alexander and His Fellow-Captives in Fort Warren

John H. Morgan — the Confederate Whom Prison Could Not Hold

The Corner of Libby Where Federal Officers Tunneled Under the Street

An Officer Who Escaped From Libby — Brevet Brigadier-General A. D. Streight

Sergeant Berry Benson, Who Tunneled out of Elmira Prison

Artillery on Guard over the Prisoners

A Day Sentry on Guard after Benson's Escape

Chapter 6 - Treatment of Prisoners

A Prisoner of '64

Treatment of Prisoners (text article)

Lining Up For Rations from the Conquerors

The Bright Side of Prison Life—1861

A Wet Day at Camp Douglas

The Prisoners Here Bore No Malice

The O’Connor House in Charleston, Where Federal Officers Were Kept

Retaliation Stockade for Confederate Prisoners on Morris Island

Changing The Guard At Elmira Prison

Federal Guards with Confederate Cavalrymen

Where Blue and Gray Were Cared For Alike

Brigadier–General John H. Winder, C. S. A.

Close to the "Dead—Line"

Huts Built Upon The "Dead–Line" Itself

Burying the Dead at Andersonville

A Federal Court-Martial after Gettysburg

Provost—Marshal's Office, Department of the Cumberland

The "Bull—Ring" At City Point, A Dreaded Provost Prison

Chapter 6 - Provost Marshals and Military Commissioners

Provost Marshals - The Army's Police

The Provost-Marshal and the Citizen (text article)

Destroying Houses from Which Liquor had Been Sold to Soldiers

Men Who Policed the Federals—Provost-Marshals of the Third Army Corps

Provost Office, Department of the Cumberland, at Nashville, Tennessee

The Virginia Home of John Minor Botts

John Minor Botts and His Family—1863

Castle Thunder in Richmond—the Chief Provost Prison in the South

Headquarters of Provost—Marshal—General, Defenses South of the Potomac

Theater in Washington, Where Lincoln was Shot

Washington Livery Stable, 1865 Where Booth Bought a Horse after Lincoln's Assassination

Military Commissioners Who Tried the Lincoln Conspirators

Members of the Military Commission for the Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators

Lewis Powell, Or "Payne," Shortly Before He Was Hanged For Conspiring Against President Lincoln's Life

More Images of the "Conspirators" (2005 material)


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